Tricks for your Fashionblog: How to make professional smartphone Pictures

Taking beautiful and natural looking photos for a fashion blog is a challenge, especially to bloggers who have no one to take their photos. Some feel that imploring a friend or family member to follow them around taking pictures for a blog is too much to ask. Yet, providing images is a necessary part of a fashion blog. There are creative ways to solve this problem and it simply takes time and creativity.

A good camera, a great outfit, and some excellent tips make capturing photos for a fashion blog fun and easy.

After creating the perfect outfit, finding the perfect location is the next step in do- it- yourself blog photography. Ideally, look for a low traffic area that fits in with the mood or style of your fashion choices, or at the very least is neutral and does not clash with what you are wearing. Scouting locations may take a bit of time; ideally find a place with a little room to work and an uncluttered wall to use as a backdrop.

Having some privacy makes the photo shoot easier, especially if you are a bit self-conscious. You do not need expensive camera equipment for a successful shoot, however, a camera with a digital single lens, a tripod, and a wireless remote control shutter release all make the job of taking photos alone much easier. An alternative to this would be a camera with a timer and a flat surface for the camera to sit. Before getting in the shot, focus the camera on the wall where you will be standing.

This helps get a nicely focused shot without spending lots of time retaking. If using the wireless remote shutter release, plan to hold it inconspicuously behind your back or another prop. For a natural at-ease look, snap pictures while looking away from the camera as staring stiffly at the lens will not give you the look you want for your blog. Another good trick is to move around the area that you have focused on while taking pictures. This will also help the shoot look natural and helps reduce nervousness if you are uncomfortable.

After finishing the photos, spend some time grouping and perfecting the work.

There are a number of high-quality programs available, which enable a photographer to enhance what the camera captured via post processing. There is no need to hesitate at the notion of post processing. The intent is the artistic improvement of the images giving the viewer a better sense of the feelings that are a part of a particular photo shoot. Another way to enhance the viewer’s ability to connect with the images in the fashion blog is to group the photos. Gathering several views of an outfit and interspersing them with close ups of fantastic details in the outfit help to tell an interesting story.

After trying this technique, many bloggers prefer it to recruiting a photographer. Doing a solo photo shoot for a blog post gives you total creative control and helps the finished product to shine.